We are very grateful for all donations to the store and will do our best to work in a timely and unobtrusive way when removing items for recycling.

Under the Barbican Listed Building Guidelines, Barbican residents and the City of London Corporation are obliged to offer fixtures and fittings to the Salvage Store when they make alterations. This ensures that a number of original interiors are kept for posterity through the replacement of worn out, damaged or removed fixtures. It also means that Barbican residents who prefer to keep or reinstate their architect-designed interiors can do so in the knowledge that there is a supply of parts.

Please email the salvage team via the Contact page in plenty of time before you plan to take out original features. Before you contact us it would help if you have read the following guidelines.

WHAT TO DONATE  The Salvage Store can take original fixtures and fittings from all areas of the domestic flats, including kitchens and bathrooms. Asbestos may be present in some flats, so it is a strict rule that a member of the team must see the items in situ before they are taken out for donation. Once a member of the team has made an assessment then we will work with you or your contractor to remove and store recyclable items. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can take:

  • Some types of doors and handles
  • Kitchen worktops and cutlery drawers
  • Bathroom tiles, mirrors, taps, toilets and sinks
  • Electrical items such as plug sockets, switches and light fittings

WHAT WE CAN’T TAKE  We are not able to take some electrical goods, items that may contain asbestos or every heavy items. For example we cannot take:

  • Cookers, hobs or fridges
  • Asbestos panels from toilet areas or under worktops
  • Large baths
  • Dumped items or items left outside the store
  • Non-original items

Please contact the Barbican Estate Office if you need advice on how to dispose of items we cannot take.

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