The Salvage Store

For the past two years the Salvage store has operated on the basis of open access for all, holding monthly Open Days when any resident could visit and collect replacement fittings for their flat. In the past year we have handed out 360 original fittings such as sinks, taps, electric switches and sockets, doors, glass panels and ironmongery – and 190 original four inch wall tiles.

Sadly, this way of working is no longer viable. Most of the contractors working on the estate do not pass on the fittings they remove during upgrading work – preferring, it seems, to either sell them to other contractors or send them to land-fill – so the stock in the Salvage store has now been depleted to the point where we can no longer provide an effective service.

The Barbican Estate is Grade II listed but this seems not to include the internal fittings. The Estate office ‘Home Improvements pack’ asks long-leaseholders to offer original fittings to the Salvage store and instructs their contractors to deliver them – but neither the owners concerned not the Barbican Estate Office seem to be able to make this happen. Unless something changes very soon the Salvage store will probably cease to exist when the current volunteers retire.

In the short term, the store will continue to supply original fittings to individual residents but there will be no more Open Days. If you need spare parts please enquire at and if we have what you need we will make an appointment for you to collect from the store.

The Salvage store team